Monday, April 16, 2012

Things I'm Gonna Do This Week- April 2012

7:04 AM

Here I sit, eyes half open, wondering how on earth I ever thought this was a good idea.

I'm rarely up by 7 AM. It's just not part of my schedule. Sure, appointments, travels, and church may require me to set an alarm for 7 AM, but I always allow for at least one hit of the snooze button, if not four.

On the occasion that I do start my day alongside the sun, the birds, and Ryan Seacrest, I'm always a little offended to find out that most of the world has already done so. It took so much effort to drag myself out of bed; I almost expect to have the planet to myself. Or at least the roads…

"Why are you all awake!?" I cry out to a freeway full of traffic. "Are you going to Disneyland?? Gotta get in line for Star Tours!?"

Of course, the truth is I'm the weirdo, not them. Most people wake up early and go to work, or wake up early and take their kids to school, or wake up early and watch the Today show.

So here I sit this morning, eyes half open, ready to feel like a functioning member of society, but feeling more like a zombie instead. Will that change? Only time will tell.

This month for Things I'm Gonna Do This Week, I'm getting out of bed by 7 AM for the next seven days. It's time to find out what I've been missing.

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