Wednesday, February 21, 2018


One of the great dichotomies of modern life is...

 ...graduating from college with a performing arts degree, so you have to use words like "dichotomies" to make the degree feel worth it.


One of the true, great dichotomies of modern life is we're constantly being told and sold how to make our lives more comfortable while the most important moments in our lives remain anything but. Sounds like a good reason to tap dance, right? I thought so too. ;)

COMFY is a one man show I've created that, using all my favorite buzz words, is the most authentic, vulnerable, and rewarding project I've ever worked on. I'm not going to tell you specifically why because you gotta come to the show. Don't trust me? Here's a quote about my recent Los Angeles debut.
“Parsons is so sincere and so sweet and lovable that his time onstage is totally mesmerizing. Don’t miss him wherever he appears!” -Don Grigware,
Also, I sing and dance my butt off. Need more convincing? I'm now going to list a few other reasons why I'm proud of COMFY...

  1. It is unlike any other cabaret show I've ever seen, using dance and multimedia in a fresh, new way.
  2. It uses something very old school, like the "song and dance man" tradition I love so much, to explore the complexities of my very modern life.
  3. It's funny!
  4. It is written to be enjoyed by a diverse crowd of backgrounds, beliefs, and (gasp) political leanings, and by the end, I believe we all feel a lot closer.
I'm bringing the show to a town near you! Of course, I first gotta know where your towns might be... If you would like to see COMFY, drop me a line. I'll get my tap shoes there as soon as possible.


(video by Mike Patton)