Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things I'm Gonna Do This Week- October 2012

Twas on an ordinary evening last month that I realized I'd officially had it.  Despite my best efforts to be both a well informed voter and media obsessed American, I had reached my quota of antagonizing status updates, propaganda filled trips to my mailbox, and snarky news networks trying to convince me they're the "most respected" on television.  What had tipped the scale, however, was all the fighting.

Why did the country seem so angry?  I didn't want to be angry.  I don't like angry.  Angry doesn't feel good to me.  Sometimes I need to get angry, if only to realize that I don't want to be, but this was different.  It was like we had become content in an anger that wasn't just a general frustration with life or ourselves.  It was with an opponent.  We had become angry with "them."

For some reason, whether it be for entertainment, or capitalism, or simple validation, we had decided to get really mad at people that didn't agree with us.  It's nothing new.  History is only been made with a little resistance from someone or something.  But why, after Civil War, and Civil Rights, and 9/11 are we still under the belief that polarizing those that doesn't agree with us makes for a stronger society?  News flash: It doesn't!  The only thing that works time after time after time is coming together.

Which is why for this month's "Things I'm Gonna Do This Week," I teamed up with to help moderate their first ever Roundtable event.

The Roundtable was organized to provide a safe atmosphere for people of all beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures to come together and talk constructively about their hopes for the world and how we might work together to make them happen.

It was an amazing experience.  I made lasting bonds with some great people.  I learned a lot.  I got to share a lot.  It was edifying for everyone who participated.  And I'm not going to do it justice by typing about it here, so please visit this link to the website's official page about the 2012 Roundtable:

Now if this month you're looking for you own "Things I'm Gonna Do This Week," might I highly suggest you try hosting your own Roundtable event-- especially as we approach the holiday season where there are (hopefully) many opportunities to see those we care about most.  Take a moment to really see them.  Use your voice.  Don't settle for an old summary of what you've done and what you're doing, but speak in a way that allows them to see you just as you see them.

I believe these connections are what make us strong.  It's what builds a nation.  It's what makes history.  And it's also what makes for a really great time.

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