Thursday, July 12, 2012


There are many reasons to scoff at our society's unhealthy relationship with modern technology.  Today, however, I have no interest in addressing them.  Instead, I want to shed some light on what I consider to be a few of the greatest things to come out of the Internet Age.  They brighten my gloomy days, make the sunny ones even better, and on top of it all, they're free.

Mark Twain once said, "Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand."  So for your safety, please sit down as I share with you some of my favorite online videos.


Having had my fair share of onstage disasters, I often find it therapeutic to laugh at the misfortunes of other performers while being grateful that the night I fell during West Side Story has not found its way onto YouTube.  That being said, thank goodness this performance of Handel's The Messiah has.  Be sure to notice how the applause afterwards sounds like a question.


The "science" behind this 1980s exercise video is absolutely wrong!  But everything else about it is oh, so right.

Miss Congeniality

Talent competitions in local beauty pageants are filled every year with fierce competitors all wanting their chance to shine.  But in the online world, I believe this particular performance will forever reign supreme.  Stacy Hedger probably didn't win the crown this night, but somehow I think she'll always be a winner.

Marshmallow Game

You gotta hand it to the Japanese.  I'm continually impressed by how far they will go to create a popular game show.  Like this one, for example, where I'm not sure if the contestants win anything other than my gratitude.


Colors of the Voice

Marla Mindelle is a respected musical theatre performer, and I'm not sure this rendition of "Colors of the Wind" proves that.  It does, however, elevate her to a fascinating category of performance art that I have no idea how to describe.

To All Cat Haters

This video is so awesome it didn't even need the first "e" in the word "awesome."  It's more like, "Awwww... some cat."

Now, I am fully aware that my sense of humor is pretty specific, so if you did not find any of these videos comical, by all means search out your own set of clips that will make you giggle.  If by some strange reason you did enjoy this random compilation of ridiculousness, please feel free to watch them as often as you like.

In this rigorous game of life, we all need a "laugh-time."  It's one of the ways we know that life is good.  We can't really depend on life to be fun, but with the right tools, we can always depend on it to be funny.

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  1. These clips totally made my day :) Thank you for making me laugh - In fact, I about pee'd my pants during the process!