Monday, January 9, 2012

Eating Perfume

I recently went to lunch with a friend, and toward the end of our meal, we started discussing dessert.

"Have you ever tried Persian ice cream?" she asked. I wasn't even aware that Persians had their own ice cream. Rugs, yes, but ice cream?

Saying nothing further about it, we finished lunch, and then she took me to a Persian ice cream shop in West LA, assuring me all the while that I would not soon forget it. She was right.

Persian ice cream is unlike anything I've ever tasted, and yet it's exactly like something I've smelled. You see, it's a sad reality of life that just because something smells delicious, doesn't mean it tastes delicious; kind of like when you taste cocoa powder or accidentally inhale a spray of perfume.

Persian ice cream, however, takes a step toward reversing that reality. It's like you're eating perfume…except you're not. Your mouth fills with the aromas of Rose, Saffron, and Orange Blossom while your brain scrambles to figure out how it still tastes good. The whole thing is really yet another reason why my taste buds are grateful to be living in Los Angeles.

Since moving to LA, I've been introduced to and fully embraced a variety of new foods into my diet. Some of which include: Sushi, Pad Thai, Hummus, Curry, Sweet Potato Fries, Coconut Water, Chocolate-covered Goji Berries, and now, Persian Ice Cream.

As I've developed an appreciation for all these exotic "ethnic" foods, I'll admit that I've also developed a bit of resentment toward my own race. Why are white people so boring? And furthermore, why are our taste buds so bland?

Can anyone tell me what white folk have done for the advancement of taste buds other than inventing fake food? I mean Jell-O is hardly a badge of honor. They may have tried to make it cooler by making Bill Cosby the spokesman, but we all know white guys are the only ones lame enough to create that stuff. In addition, we honkies can take credit for neither Pie nor Fried Chicken because black servants were probably responsible for both. I guess that just leaves us with Chicken Noodle Soup. Yep, that's it. We created a delicious, but ineffective cure for the common cold. You're welcome, world.

All kidding aside, though, it's really me who should be thanking everyone else in the world. I'm grateful for all your many flavors. From Saffron to Cilantro, from Tahini to Taragon, my life is a whole lot tastier because of all of you.

Bon Appetit!

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