Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things I'm Gonna Do This Week- September 2012

Lately I've been feeling like the world is spinning out of control.

It's not.

Despite my best attempts to convince myself otherwise, the laws of physics haven't been broken.  The time continuum is completely in tact, and the "spinning" that I've been so sure has everything to do with the Earth, has, in fact, much more to do with my own personal psychosis.

In short, I've decided to diagnose myself with "Drama Induced Vertigo." (DIV for short...)

Now, I'm aware that Drama Induced Vertigo sounds like just another hazardous bi-product of Actors, like Headshots and Self-Pitied Facebook Statuses, but I believe it's a good thing for everyone.  DIV is life's way of telling us it's time to take a week and figure things out.  Time to break a few habits, and make some new ones.

In what's left of this month, I'm dedicating September's "Things I'm Gonna Do This Week" to getting back on my axis.  I'm actually really excited about this...

Experts say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and/or leave a bad one in the dust.  Well, I'm going to do it in a third of that time!!

OK, not really, but I'm going to start.  AND I'm going to keep a journal about what happens every day that I will post here next week.  Not something I usually do, but I feel it's my responsibility... for sufferers of DIV everywhere!

Tune in next week and see the results of "Make or Break a Habit Week."  And in the meantime, try not to get too dizzy.

View the results of Make or Break a Habit Week

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